Lou Browning
Browning Studios of Hatteras Island



An artist most of his life, a sculptor for almost two decades, Lou's switch from giant copper water lily fountains and custom work to highly textured steel forms has been enthusiastically received by the art community.  Past awards include:

Award of Excellence
Frank Stick Memorial Art Show, 2001  
Award of Merit
Molly Fearing Memorial Art Show, 2001
Second Place, Icarus International Show 2001

Award of Excellence, Frank Stick Memorial Art Show, 2000
The People's Choice Award, Icarus International Show, 2000

Lou's sculpture has been collected far and wide and can be seen in both private and corporate collections across the United States.  Close to home, his larger-than-life lizard, "Lookin' for Breakfast", was purchased by the Town of Nags Head for inclusion in its permanent art exhibit in the Town Hall.

Linda in painting studio
Lou is inspired by the beauty of the natural
world and is fascinated by the creatures that inhabit it.  Giant bugs are his specialty.  Entomologists envy Lou's ability to translate the essence of small insects into large, grotesquely beautiful steel forms.  

Lou works magic with sheet steel, cutting it, hammering it, bending it, and texturing it with weld.  He cuts the steel with a plasma torch,
then heats, hammers, and bends the metal.  The tedious welding process is done using a mig welder, and the texturing that enhances the fluid lines of his work is accomplished through the artful application of mig wire. 

Until January 2005, Lou's sculpture was             available exclusively at Browning Artworks,         the island's first art and fine craft gallery that         Lou and his wife owned and operated for 20         years.  They closed the gallery in 2005 so that     they could pursue other interests.  Linda              returned to her long-neglected art career while     Lou worked to obtain his state and federal             wildlife rehab licenses.  In 2007, he founded         Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation.  

Visit Lou and the critters in his care at www.HIWR.us