Composite Photography by Linda Meyer Browning
Browning Studios of Hatteras Island


"Sun Catchers" triptych on canvas (almost 4 ft. tall by 5 ft. wide)
Linda with "Sun Catchers" triptych

My composites are made up of several thousand individual digital photos.  Even though it takes me hundreds of hours to complete one, the process is always rewarding because, in the end, I have a picture that is unique in every way. 

How do I create my composites?  The first thing I do is remove the backgrounds in the photos that I'll use as elements or "building blocks" (hummingbirds, sea shells, butterflies, etc.).  Then I strategically place each of these elements, one at a time, onto a blank page in Adobe Photoshop.  I resize, rotate, distort, skew, and colorize the elements as necessary until I've placed the last photo onto the page.

I print the completed work on museum-quality fine art paper or heavy-weight artist's canvas using my Epson Stylus Pro 7600 and Ultra Chrome pigments.  

Just like my watercolor paintings, each of my composites is a signed original.  Those printed on fine art paper come matted, backed, and ready to frame. Those on canvas come stretched and ready to hang (framing is optional).

                  "Ruby Tuesday"                              DETAIL (male hummer's eye )    
                                                                                               Elements: hummingbirds

                              "Sun Catchers"                                           DETAIL    
                                                                                            Elements: fish

        "Ode to Poseidon"                                              DETAIL    
                                                                                    Elements: dolphins

      "Moonlight Becomes Them"                                     DETAIL
                                                                                           Elements: dolphins

          "Coins of the Realm"                                                     DETAIL
                                                                                         Elements: scallop shells

              "Monarch Mosaic II"                                            DETAIL
                                                                                Elements: butterflies

                      "When Dolphins Dream"                                       DETAIL
                                                                                           Elements: dolphins

                 "Star of the Sea"                                                DETAIL
                                                                               Elements: scallop shells

                "Monarch Mosaic I"                                          DETAIL
                                                                                Elements: butterflies

Sizes, prices, and ordering

Stretched canvas: ready to hang (framing optional)
9x12......$65    18x24......$295

Fine art paper: in off-white mats, ready to frame (sizes are frame openings)
8x10......$35    12x16......$99    16x20......$199    18x24......$299    22x28......$375

To order or to get more information, please email me at or call me at (252) 995-3662.  Thank you!